Eimeria is a coccidian parasite in the phlyum Apicomplexa. The study of Eimeria is very important in vet medicine. A large number of its species cause illness in domestic animals, including 10 species in sheep/goats and 5 species in hogs. Coccidiosis is also a common disease in birds. 

Life CycleEdit

Sporogony in Eimeria occurs on the ground. The sporulated oocyst is ingested by the host and sporozoites enter a host cell in the intestine. Schizogony occurs in the cell and the merozoites leave and enter another host cell. Some merozoites become macrogametocytes or microgametocytes. Microgametes leave the cell and enter macrogametes, becoming a zygote. An oocyst forms and leaves the host in feces.

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